The way to be successful in your deals

1) Take great photos

Keep in mind that a picture paints a thousand words, and on Shalala it is the first thing potential buyers will see. Make sure that your product pictures contain a clear and uncomplicated background, good lighting (preferably natural light) and are in focus. This will go a long way to getting more eyeballs on your listing.
 2) Be honest in your description

Creating an honest and candid description of your product will ensure a smoother transaction further down the line. You don’t have to give the product’s life story, just the most important points you think are most relevant to a potential buyer.
For larger ticket items it is advisable to provide information about any warrantees, certificates or documents connected to the product. As a best practice it is good to consider the following: How old is the item? How often has it been used? How well does it work now? Are there any damages to the item and why are you selling?
 3) The price is right

Just like a real boot sale you need to be ready to haggle a bit on your price. Both buyers and sellers should be flexible yet realistic with their offers. A good tip for sellers would be to list your item slightly higher than you expect it to fetch. This way both you and your selling partner enter into a win-win situation, where you have room to come down and the buyer finds a great deal.
 4) Closing your deal like a pro

When you have taken all four of these tips into consideration, it won’t be long before the offers come rolling in. Once you have agreed on a price and both the buyer and seller have confirmed each other’s offers, it is important to agree delivery and payment of the item as soon as possible.
Organizing delivery and payment of the item can be done in a private chat conversation within the app.


 5) Delivery and payment

If you can’t deliver an item personally it is perfectly acceptable to post the product. We recommend any item you post is able to be tracked by recorded delivery and that payments are made through secure methods such as PayPal.