Every family have at home between 20-50 items, New or second-hand in good condition, not to use anymore.

People need them. You have skills and you can provide services than you would like to advertise, to exchange or sell.You can get a profit of them.

Shalala is an innovative app designed for easy upload of items and services.

Easy communication with other users via mobile phone in a flexible built-in chat

  • 1

    A lot of stuff you never use?

    People need them or your skills

  • 2

    In just 1 minute from your mobile:

    Upload photos, description, price and location

  • 3

    Users can see

    products & services offered easily.

  • 4

    The info and distance is

    showed by geolocation

  • 5

    Private chat to

    close the deal

  • 6

    Users can vote each other

    after closing the deal

Rent your apartment,
room or couch

It has never been easier. In a few steps and less than 1 minute, everyone around you will know the location of your ad and will chat with you..

Once agreed a price, you can close the deal and choose payment method. All from your mobile

Car or Park sharing everywhere

Every day more people carpool and ride. You can save money and meet interesting people with whom to chat. All advantages, uses Shalala app, put the origin and destination of your journey title.

As well if you are the owner of a private car park or garage, you can make money rent it in the hours you are not using it. The easy way to help other people to find a park place and get profits at the same time.


If you have no products to offer, no matter. There are many things that people are looking for, Your skills can make you earn money, offering what you can do.

Search offers everything

other people ARE looking for THEM

Our app is available in 6 Different Languages